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How much does it cost to join the NTWA? 

For a full 12 month period of membership (including Australian Weightlifting Federation Membership) the current rates are:

Juniors/Seniors/Masters (18 years and over) - $100

Youths (17 years and under) - $80

Capitation now runs for 12 months from the date you joined rather than just for the calendar year. Join and pay by clicking here.

At what age can children start weightlifting?

The youngest an athlete can start weightlifting is 10. However, children don’t begin to develop much muscle mass until puberty, hence it’s important to have appropriate goals of what kids can achieve while ensuring they still have fun.

I have a bad back/injury, can I still be involved in weightlifting?

We encourage anyone with a history of injuries, aches or pains to consult a medical professional before taking up weightlifting. However even if you can't compete, we encourage you to get involved with NT Weightlifting through volunteering or coaching; both are incredibly rewarding!

What equipment do I need for training?

We strongly suggest investing in a good pair of weightlifting shoes to ensure athletes have adequate balance and support while training. Other than that, just bring yourself, a towel and some water (all of which are highly essential to weightlifting in the NT). Optional extras include: lifting suits, wrist wraps, or knee sleeves.

What do weightlifters have to wear in competitions?

Outfit requirements vary, depending on the level of competition. Club and State Competitions usually require weightlifters to wear an outfit that conforms to international regulations, or, alternatively, athletes may wear a two-piece costume consisting of close-fitting shorts AND a close-fitting T-shirt or singlet that covers the torso and does not cover the elbows. Shoes must always be worn.

Where can I find the competition rules?

All weightlifting competitions are governed by the International Weightlifting Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations.  You can read or download the IWF Rule Book from the IWF website by clicking on this link: IWF TCRR 2017

Where can I find information about Coaching Courses? 

The Australian Weightlifting Federation manages and delivers all Weightlifting Coach Education throughout Australia. Click this link for information about the AWF Coach Education Program and upcoming courses: AWF Coach Education

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