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Australia Day Teams Comp RESULTS

By NTWA Office on 29/01/2018

What a great comp to start the year! It was great to see so many lifters on the platform and so many new faces giving it a go for the first time. We hope you enjoyed yourself and come back!

The results have been uploaded to the AWF website and can be viewed at this link (

Due to the mini-cyclone we had, we weren't able to announce our winners at the end of the comp, so here they are:

First: Crossfit Abode (Deana, Mandy and Kate R) - 556.933 SMF
Second: Crossfit Darwin (Kelly G, Jess, Sammy D) - 548.968
Third: Ping Ding Ho (Crossfit Abode - Sam P, Kate B, Faith) - 492.551

First: Crossfit Abode (Cobi, Daniel, Darren) - 723.104
Second: Territory Barbell (Chase, Andrew N, Brett) - 497.16
Third: Crossfit Darwin (Lachlan, James, Nicholas) - 479.388

First: Samantha Drescher - 180kg - SMF 211.681
Second: Mandy Hannon- 122kg - SMF 205.498
Third: Kelly Rau - 120kg - SMF 187.662
Best Junior: Mickayla Perkins - 107kg - SMF 146.727

First: Andrew Rideout - 201kg - SMF 287.443
Second: Tom Jones - 245kg - SMF 283.902
Third: Cobi Head - 230kg - SMF 276.060
Best Junior: Lachlan Boyle - 105kg - SMF 143.431

The winning teams will each receive the perpetual shield for the year, and the best lifters (male, female, junior male and junior female) will each receive an Australia Day medal to keep. 

Thanks again everyone for a fantastic day. As always, it's impossible without the officials, volunteers, coaches, spectators and a great venue - so THANK YOU! Photos are available on the Facebook page.

See you at the next comp - 8 April at CrossFit Abode.

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