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By NTWA Office on 27/07/2020

Hi everyone

The AWF Board of Directors has confirmed the attached regulations for the participation in weightlifting of children.

Children aged 12 and under as at 31 December may only participate in weightlifting sessions conducted under the modified rules, as outlined below:

Regulations for Open Competitions and all Championships (including U15 and School Championships) Modified Rules

Child Participants must not participate in the same competition sessions as older participants.

Exclusive sessions must be conducted for Child Participants only. These sessions may be adjudicated by one Referee.

Child Participants must always be supervised and instructed by an accredited AWF Licenced Weightlifting Coach while engaged in weightlifting activities, including competitions.

Child Participants must wear clothing that is age appropriate, i.e. not too revealing or suggestive. For example, a T-shirt or singlet that completely covers the torso, and sport shorts, would be an acceptable outfit. They are not required to wear a one-piece weightlifting costume but may do so if they choose.

They must wear closed-in shoes that provide protection, grip and stability.

Modified barbells, e.g. aluminium bars, plastic discs, plastic collars, etc., may be used by Child Participants in competition.

There are no Bodyweight Categories and no Records for Child Participants.

Children are encouraged to participate in weightlifting for their enjoyment, and to develop and practice skills.

Child Participants are weighed for the purpose of consistency in results management.

Weigh-in Procedure for Child Participants

The weigh-in commences one hour before the start of the competition session and lasts for 30 minutes.

The weigh-in is conducted in an open area, or in a room which is open to public view, i.e. the door must remain open when there is a child in the room.

Child Participants may remove their shoes and socks, but otherwise they remain clothed and are weighed in the presence of two adults.

It is strongly recommended that the child’s parent/guardian be present at the weigh-in whenever possible.


While the focus of the participation of children should be on enjoyment and learning, it is still useful to record results for their own interest and to track their progress.

The results of Child Participant sessions should be uploaded to the AWF website along with all other competition sessions.

The AWF results system will separate the Child Participants’ sessions from the main competition, in the presentation of results on the website.

The NTWA allows participation in competition for children aged 10-13 in these modified sessions. Children younger than 10 are not covered by our insurance and are therefore unable to participate.

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